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Lola, a 23 yr sophomore and Salem, Mass native started using Periscope just five months ago. Through Periscope, a live streaming video platform, she’s amassed a loyal following as a webcam model. “Camming” refers to those who perform erotic acts on live streams in exchange for money or tokens of appreciation . In Lola’s case, she doesn’t use sextoys or do too many sexual tricks; she just strips down nude and has a live chat with viewers. Though she enjoys the work, the main motivation is money. Lola initially didn’t make money through video camming, but along with her new job as a stripper in a club Brooklyn, she is able to pay for her entire school tuition and living expenses without support from her  mom and dad.


“I like video camming because I can literally do it from anywhere, and I’m not having to dance [in a club] seven times for a couple dollars,” Lola said. “And I’m alone, it’s not like a full club of other girls too. I wouldn’t call stripping competitive, but it’s way easier for me to make more money.”

It’s clear: Lola calls all the shots. On Periscope, she can block trolls instantly, set prices for her private streams and go live whenever she pleases. All of her private streams are 15 minutes: $10 for a private group, $30 for a topless one-on-one and $50 for a full nude one-on-one.  Cont.. Lola Sexworker

LFF 2018: Cam Review

it is the bubblegum pink and warm purple aesthetic of Cam (2018) that immediately captures our attention, this infectious place drawing us in with its grand décor, plush furnishings and moody lighting. The only object that seems to be out of place is the giant screen keeping a watchful eye over everything. Welcome to Lola’s world: a place where tokens can buy anything your heart desires, whether that be a one-on-one chat with her, or something a lot more sordid. Yet working as an online webcam girl with a prestigious channel, Lola (Madeline Brewer) knows what to expect. Her clients pay and she does what they say, the more outrageous videos on her stream starting to bring in an increasing amount of viewers. But as her fanbase slowly grows, there seems to be someone else who also wants to cash in on her popularity. More on Cam


Book Review: Anything But A Wasted Life is more than just a stripper’s memoir

This book by Sita Kaylin is an unapologetic autobiography of a fierce woman, who happens to be an exotic dancer. It shows just how relatable the desires, dreams, and fears of sex workers are.

It’s not very often that you come across a book by an unknown author in a genre you aren’t really fond of. This forces you to abandon your prejudices. Anything But A Wasted is that type of a book for this reviewer. An autobiography of a former stripper — who moonlights as a sex worker — isn’t something I would expect to be genuinely witty, funny, and a fascinating read. What’s even more surprising is the matter-of-fact tone in which the author talks about her life, treating it all like a thrilling adventure.

A pre-law graduate, Sita Kaylin was born in San Francisco and raised by a single parent in a hippie commune. Working three jobs to pay for her education, she chanced upon a job as an exotic dancer, and fell in love with the freedom it gave her. Out the window went her dreams of law school and reforming the prison system as she embraced a stripper’s outrageous life.


A strippers Fight

  Sin strip club stripper from Fife says dancing at Kirkcaldy club is empowering and not exploitative as she reveals she’ll use cash to pay off student loans Abbi Gallagher, 19, successfully auditioned for Fife’s only lap dancing bar to help her pay off her student debts   Protesters have been trying to get Sin banned – branding it “slave labour” and claiming it is exploitative. Abbi, from nearby Auchtertool, was part of a group who counter-protested and she says women should be able to make the choice for themselves. The teen, who has an HNC in animal care and now works with animals, wants to be able to earn extra cash to pay off her loan and get her own place. [Follow Abbi’s Story]

San Diego settles two stripper lawsuits against police for nearly $1.5M


According to the complaint, the officers showed up in bulletproof vests and ordered the scantily-clad dancers into a dressing room. The officers then checked the women’s city-issued adult entertainer permits and asked about and photographed their tattoos and piercings.

Some of the officers “made arrogant and demeaning comments to the entertainers and ordered them to expose body parts so that they could ostensibly photograph their tattoos,” the complaint read.

The dancers said the process lasted more than an hour and that they were threatened with arrest when they asked to leave. 


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Sex Toy News Oct 2018

Sex Toy News Oct 2018

Pleasure Goes Hi-tech

pleasure device is powered by artificial intelligence, so it can help you tackle your loneliness while you are getting in the mood for some fun. Plus, if you are in a long-distance relationship, then this vibrator will help you tackle the distance as a barrier. It can send naughty messages and vibrations through an app! It is a rather expensive sex toy developed by a company called Vibease. In its shape like a lipstick and it can converse in a British accent What?

How to Buy A Sex Toy

One certified sex counsellor likened sex toys to dessert. You go to the restaurant and there are lots of tasty varieties to try. You don’t need to have one, but it is fun to do so. Sex toys are similar. You don’t have to have them, but they are fun and can make for a great experience.

There are generally six types of sex toys – vibrators, dildos, nipple toys, exercises, penis rings and masturbation toys. The first step is to decide what type of toy you are looking for and this is a good thing to do on a website where there’s lots of information about what each product is – and what it does. [read ]

Watch Live Sex Shows With Girls Using Sex Toys
** Warning** Some Are Huge Hole Wreckers

Dame Adult Products


Dame Products’ newest flexible vibrator Pom was so comfortable in my hand, that I didn’t want to put it down. Not just because it was so cozy there, but because it made my vulva and clitoris very, very happy campers. It offers the most intense of vibration choices, and I’m all about intense. But for those who aren’t, you still have four other intensities to pick from. Pom not only brings us even one step closer to closing the pleasure gap, but it highlights the importance of sexual wellness, too. [continue]


Rock and metal star as well as the APMAs 2016 Icon Award recipient Marilyn Manson released a particularly interesting merch item on his website: a dildo. This is not just any toy: This 8 inch-tall, 1.5 inch-diameter toy is inscribed with the singer’s name and detailed with his face.

The “Double Cross Dildo + Bag” merch item is made safe for all users with its silicone, hypoallergenic makeup. Additionally, the paint used to create Manson’s face on the toy is environmentally-friendly and may wear off with frequent use. [ Read more – no thanks]

I Tried to Replace Men with ‘Clit Sucking’ Sex Toys

They ended up being kinda painful, and one of them made me pee.

These toys claim to utilize suction in a variety of ways to mimic the sensations a clitoris would feel during oral sex.

I’ve been calling these type of toys “clit suckers”, but I don’t know whether any of them are actually doing any sucking. I’m not totally sure how they work, their manufacturers use lots of terms like “sonic waves” and “air technology” and “pulsations.” They feel like they’re providing the sensation of sucking without actually doing any sucking, if that makes sense? Read full story

Live Lesbian Sex Shows Cam Girls

Live Lesbian Sex

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Some of these shows are pretty intense. Like the time I watched the kinky lesbian physiologist.

“Why do you think you’re a lesbian, Becca?”
Becca smiled uncomfortably on the couch.
Dr. Butch waited calmly for Becca’s answer. She had to know if Becca was
experiencing true lesbian impulses or just natural teenage curiosity
about girl on girl sex. She knew that many teenagers, boys mostly, would hump a pillow if they thought it would get them to cum.

This crazy Live lesbian sex show continues!

“Take your clothes off.”
“I thought you’d never ask.” Dr. Butch quickly unbuttoned her cuffs, and more
slowly opened her blouse, slipping each button free as she pulled her
blouse out of her skirt. Then she unbuttoned her skirt and let it fall to
the ground. Leaning back on the Doctor’s desk, she peeled off her panty
hose and underwear and then sat on the edge of the Doctor’s desk, her legs
slightly apart.
Becca couldn’t believe this was happening. Dr. Butch’s dark hair between her
legs already appeared damp, but her attention was drawn to Dr. Butch’s hands,
sliding over the very inadequate bra she wore. Becca felt weak and melted
when Dr. Butch pulled her blouse all the way open and she could see Dr. Butch’s
nipples hardening.
Dr. Butch smiled at the cam and reached behind her back and unhooked her bra. Slowly she pulled it
away and her tits fell below it. She knew she looked sexy like this,
and she saw Becca quickly lick her lips. “Would you like to suck them?”
Dr. Butch pinched her own nipples slightly.
Becca didn’t need another invitation. She leaned toward Dr. Butch, and Dr. Butch
came to her. Becca raised her lips and then opened her mouth to take a
beautiful, hard nipple between her teeth. I think they both enjoyed performing this live lesbian sex show.

“Yes,” Dr. Butch murmured. “Bite it a little, but not too hard.”
Becca nipped at the erotic flesh and then sucked more of Dr. Butch’s breast
into her mouth. Her mouth loved the texture of Dr. Butch’s tits.
“That’s right,” Dr. Butch purred. “Suck them both.”
Becca gave increasingly frantic attention to first one
then the other of Dr. Butch’s tits. Dr. Butch was going to be a good teacher.
By the time the session was over, Becca would know just how good it could
be with a woman.
Becca sucked Dr. Butch’s tits for a long time. While she sucked them, she
unbuttoned her own shirt, and slipped out of it, then her bra. When Dr. Butch
finally leaned away, Becca was naked from the waist up. Dr. Butch’s nipples
were red-hard.
Becca stood up and started to remove her skirt, but Dr. Butch’s hands on
her tits stopped her. I could not believe I was watching this hot girl on girl cam show.

I went to watch another lesbian sex show but I returned minute later the free cam show went private 🙁
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You could make up your own adult video script. Something like this would be hot!

The girls shuffled into the locker room after what had been a brutal hour of gym class. For some unknown reason old lady Stiller had gotten up on the wrong side of the bed and taken it out on her third period group of senior girls. “fuck” Karen sighed while slumping down on the bench in front of her locker, “what the fuck was that all about!?!” “I dunno,” Susan replied while peeling off her dripping wet shorts and tee shirt, “I don’t know if I can make it to my next class!” Everyone in the locker room was in a state of shock, but after taking a few minutes to recuperate they all stripped naked and headed off to the showers. Once under the soothing streams of hot water their tired muscles began to relax a bit, and as was usually the case, most of them openly masturbated in front of each other and had no qualms about have massive orgasms while others watched. Of all the girls, however, it was Karen who was the envy of the entire class in that she had incredibly large breasts and a perfect hour glass figure!
Karen soaped her exquisite 36D’s, and then casually as you may, wandered over to little Jackie Nesson and without so much as a peep pulled the surprised girl’s mouth to one of her rock hard nipples! “Oh my,” Karen sighed while caressing the young girl’s head, “you suck me sooooooo nice!” Jackie nipped at the hard little nub while at the same time letting her hand wander down to Karen’s bulging vulva! After getting her fill of her nipples, she dropped to her knees and stared at the incredibly plump pussy that by now was open and ready for a good sucking! While every one else in the room looked on Jackie slowly leaned forward until her mouth and tongue made direct contact with the blonde hair covered pussy of the big titted senior!

I am liking the idea of homemade lesbian porn….. how about you?

“Look at Jackie,” one of the other girls squealed while wildly fingering her boiling pussy, “she’s sucking’ Karen’s hot cunt!” Most of the girls were now furiously masturbating while staring at Jackie literally eating the big blonde alive! Being Karen’s best friend, Susan pressed her body up against Karen’s back and whispered into her ear, “I just love watching you get sucked off!” Karen’s pussy was now absolutely on fire and in a halting voice gasped, “Y-yes, please, suck me, suck my hard fucking little clit!!!” This was truly a sight to behold! Little Jackie on her knees tonguing Karen’s fat cunt while Susan caressed and kissed her big plump ass! Pretty soon Susan was kissing Karen deeply on the mouth while her pussy began to spasm uncontrollably as the little cunt licker sucked and tongued her to ecstasy! Of course being best friends, Susan and Karen took turns sucking each other almost every day, but as was usually the case, it was always just like the first time and incredibly arousing! She grabbed his friend by his tits, twisted the nipples roughly until her legs wobbled and her knees knocked while her own orgasm exploded in her own bulging cunt!!!

Are there any kinky lesbians reading this, into homemade lesbain porn? lol

The shower was by now filled with sounds and smells of young women cumming in buckets all over the tile floor! What a show Karen, Susan, and Jackie had put on!!! “I just love your big chest,” Susan sighed while slipping slowly to her knees in front of her friend, “and just to show you how much, I’m gonna suck you off!!!” “W-we don’t have much time,” Karen stammered as Susan kissed and licked her wet crack! “Mmmmm, there’s always time for this,” Susan sighed while nuzzling the incredible organ against her face, “I just never get tired of licking it!” “Oh my fucking god,” Karen moaned, “y-you know just what I like, you hot mouthed bitch!” Susan loved hearing his friend extolling her oral technique, and without warning he began sucking on the bulbous clit like it was an all day sucker! In no time at all Karen was grabbing the shower head for support while her pussy wrenched hard for the second time in ten minutes, sending her over the proverbial cliff onto the rocks of Cum City!!! “You love sucking cunt, don’t you bitch?” Karen asked through gritted teeth. “Mmmm, yes,” Rick mumbled without taking her mouth off the drooling organ. Karen’s pussy shuddered out of control as it convulsed hard again, sending a gusher of hot cunt juice all over Susan’s eager face!!

It didn’t take long for the news to get around school that Karen had let little Jackie Nesson suck her off. It was almost like a badge of honor to have been allowed to suck on Karen’s bionic pussy and gravity defying breasts! For the rest of the day Jackie told anyone who would listen how Karen and selected her for a good hard cunt lapping! She was in the process of regaling Tammy Dunbar of her shower room escapade when she was overheard by her American Lit teacher, Ms. Scott. The teacher of course had heard stories of Karen’s sexual prowess, and on more than one occasion she had masturbated while wondering what it would be like to have the big titted blonde for her very own! Almost immediately her pussy drenched itself while she pictured little Jackie on her knees paying homage to Karen’s incredible pussy! For the next fifty minutes she struggled through the day’s lesson with her pussy running on the ragged edge of orgasm, until when the period thankfully came to an end she asked Jackie to stay late to discuss a problem.


Ah it wouldn’t be real homemade lesbian porn without Ms. Scott the very naughty teacher.

After everyone had filed out of the classroom Jackie asked quietly, “What is it you need, Ms. Scott?” Ms. Scott turned a bright shade of red and stammered, “W-well you see it’s like this, uh I just wondered, you see it’s like this……….” “You want to show me your pussy,” Jackie whispered while staring wantonly at her teacher’s crotch. “Oh yesss,” Ms. Scott sighed while lifting her skirt, “j-just for a minute!” Jackie’s eyes were now focused on Ms. Scott’ groin, and when her big hairy muffy popped into view she gasped audibly, “M-my god, it’s beautiful!!!” “Do you really think so?” Ms. Scott asked proudly. “Oh my yes,” the little eighteen year old sighed while dropping to her knees with her mouth open, “you have an absolutely lovely vagina, so fat and bushy, I just adore it!” Seconds later the teacher was standing there in front of her desk with her cunt gaping open while the cutest little cunt lapper in the whole school had her way with her!!! Right away she knew why Karen had wanted the little slut to suck her! She was just so fucking adorable, and talented too!!! It didn’t really take long, only about two minutes until her entire body shuddered while Jackie’s aggressive tongue bored in and brought the middle aged teacher to a stunning climx!!! And of course just like all good little cunt lappers she cleaned up the entire pussy with her mouth and tongue, leaving it spic and span and ready for more action!!!

After giving her teacher a knowing wink Jackie gathered up her books and offered softly, “That’s two hot cunts in one day, I just must be living right!!!


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