Become A Cam Girl

Do I really want to become a cam girl? This web page will teach you about how to get started as a cam girl. 

How to become a cam girl

Before deciding to become a cam girl, you probably visited a lot of cam websites. You made a list of some of the most popular adult camming sites. You might have contacted a few and were surprised to see how much goes to the actual cam site and how little goes to the model. Becoming a cam girl is like running your own business. Don’t think of it as a job. Think of it as owning your own online business. I am sure like many models, you want the ability to work when you want and maximize your hourly income. That is why we have developed this complete cam girl platform it has everything you need to become a successful cam girl. We have developed this platform knowing that there are many cam websites online that keep as much as 80% of what the models make.
Become A Cam Girl

Who Becomes A Cam Girl?

If you are reading this, like many models, you probably learned about the financial possibilities of camming by following one of those make money pop-up windows from a porn site. You found yourself wondering. What is it like to become a cam girl? What type of girls do that? The truth is there are all types of web models. You can find teens to grannies and from hot fitness babes to extra large ladies. So really it is not about how you look. It is about finding the right audience that will watch your shows. Ultimately you will have to weigh the pros and cons of becoming a webcam girl. You just have to have the proper mindset.

What Does It Take To Become A Successful Cam Girl?

First things first, you must realize that when you become a cam girl what you are really doing is going into business.  Being a successful model and building a following won’t happen over night so it will require some patience. 

The Adult cam model industry is highly competitive and there are 1000’s if not 10,000s of thousands of girls you will be competing with.  Like with any business you should prepare a plan and list some goals. Be prepared to save money because you will have good days and slow days. 

If you want to become a cam girl you will need:

  • A quality webcam
  • A powerful laptop or desktop computer
  • A prosumer type microphone mic
  • A high-speed, stable internet connection to transmit your video stream
  • Don’t under estimate the benefit of  lighting.
  • Our turnkey web video platform will be a huge help to get you stared ASAP (request a demo)

We will be posting monthly  on how to become a successful cam girl.

How Do I Make Money As A Cam Girl?

This is without a doubt one of the most popular questions we hear from girls who are looking to become a cam girl. Honestly the answer here is it depends. There are so many factors to determine how much an adult model makes. Yes, there really are girls that can make a million or more a year, however that is not the average.

On average you can make between $200.00 – $1000.00 a day.  As you get more experienced you start leveraging new channels of earning money, affiliate income, sell picture sets, custom videos, joining multiple networks. This is why our cam girl video chat software is so great. The software gives you multiple income streams so even when you are not camming, you can still make money.  

How To Become A Cam Girl.

Welcome to the world of adult webcams and your first decisions is whether or not you want to have your own membership camming website or  to become a model on one of the large camming websites. The most two important factors being going as a solo model and becoming a model broadcasting on a network is visitor traffic and the percentage you keep from your performances.

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So You Want To Become A Cam Girl
~ Interview w/ Naughty Nightly

We are protecting her identity and “Naughty Nightly” is her model name. Naughty Nightly” is 20 and college student from upstate New York . She did tell us she is from Massachusetts and loves football and Tom Brady is her favorite QB but is considering becoming a Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan because that is where Tom Is.

So How Did A Good Girl From New York Become A Cam Girl?
I was looking for a way to earn money part while I was attending a local college.  I did have a normal job but I no longer was having fun working for “the man.” I was tired of long hours, little pay and even less appreciation.

I had most of what is needed for camming already in my apt. I had all the of equipment necessary because I am a pretty intense online gamer so I said Why not?
What is one thing you’d like your fans to know about you?
Anything you need to know about me my fans already know. I have no censor. I have always been completely honest and open with my fans. Most of my regulars are very dom, daddy types, teacher-like personalities, which leaves little for me to tell since they do a very good job of reading me themselves. The best thing I can say is to come join me live, ask anything you like, and enjoy a world with a little weirdness.
Where is your favorite place to perform in your apt?
I am usually in my room just for comfort, privacy, and easy access to all my costumes and toys, but I actually really love hanging out in my living room and kitchen because it feels extra exhibitionist. I have to watch my curtains and dodge the mailman sometimes, but I love having the freedom to run around a large space and dance naked!
How long have has it been since you became a cam girl?
I have been webcamming full time or a over a two years! I started in 2018 that’s when I made my way down to start being a naughty girl!

What is your favorite thing about webcam modeling?

  • My favorite part of webcam modeling being apart of someone’s day.
  • A connection
  •  bring joy
  • fantasy it’s nice knowing that by just being myself I can help people break away from the routine and get a little crazy and sexy.

Do you have any special goals for 2021?
Just to finish out the year better than last year, stay consistent, continue doing weird stuff that makes people either shake their heads in confusion or shake their fists in furious masturbation.

As for 2020 my goals are to make it to 2 expos, get my blog site published, help at least 10 new models get started safely and smartly, but Covid really interfered with those goals. So I will try again in 2021.

What do when your not studying or camming?
Post-cam activities for me include editing content, updating my web model profile, making videos, finding fun and naughty like-minded people for collaborations, as well as being a good little housemaid and cooking/cleaning!

We see you have your own website. How does that work? How can members set that up with you?
I do! Naughty Nightly is my personal website run by me! The only other place other than  being live where you can find my naughtiness! It’s free to see a small selection of my X-rated videos, but for a small cover fee, you can access all of the super taboo content you could ask for.

Members can also join my Naughty Nightly fan club  to get access to videos, too! Also I give tips on how to become a successful web cam girl.

What are your favorite fetishes/requests you cater to on the site?
I am a natural submissive, so my regulars tend to look forward to seeing their little boo being her natural little bratty naughty fun self. Lots of my shows include BDSM/DDLG, including lots of taboo content! My favourite part about being a web cam girl is being able to be who I am and share it with an equally naughty community who loves that I cater to their naughty fetishes.

What is the most bizarre request you’ve received during a show?
The most bizarre requests I’ve ever received weren’t really that far-fetched given the little community that requested it. I once knew this little crowd of really fun weirdos and we used to have a lot of fun together. We did a “P.B.B.B.,” which is a Peanut Butter Bread Bra. They got together one day in my room and tipped towards doing one of those, so we slathered up pieces of wonder bread with peanut butter and stuck it on my boobies. I’m pretty sure there’s a very weird sexy screen shot somewhere on the web

Has a fan ever bought you anything? Oh yes I am lucky because I got so many special gifts

  •  maid outfit
  •  nipple suctions
  •  chain nipple clamps
  •  collar and leash
  •  waterproof anal vibes
  •  anal beads

Speaking of sex toys I see that you have quite a collection. Do you use them in your shows?

I have a huge collection of Lovense toys. Lovense  is the only big company out there with toys that have features specifically catered for sex cam performers.

My current favorite is  my Hitachi Magic Wand. It has different functions and I can use it on any body part, depending on how I’m feeling that day. I also like that my entire live video show can be based on Hitachi play. I’ll start with a nice, gentle massage on the most sensitive parts of my body, then I increase the vibrations so they become more intense. I like to push the toy harder to my nipples–yikes, it’s hard to keep calm while describing this! After I orgasm, I’ll use the toy to gently massage my muscles. The Magic Wand can go as far as your imagination lets it! While I use this in my shows, I also use it on my days off as my own little guilty pleasure!”

Advice On How To Become A cam girl

If you are looking to become a cam girl, my best advice is to do your research, watch the tutorials, talk to models and really get to know the industry a bit so you can be sure you are doing things as safely and as profitable as possible. Then be patient when you do start, be flexible, find what works for you and your followers and if one day it stops working, be flexible to do something else!

  • Do wear bright clothing during your broadcast. It will make your room stand out on the homepage.
  • Don’t turn your volume off. The audience wants to heThe Do’s and Dont’sar your voice.
  • Don’t act bored. Try to engage your room with conversation.
  • Do greet every person who comes in your chat room.
  • Don’t disregard the “Share and Earn” links. The more you post the better chance you have on becoming a successful cam girl
  • Do e-mail all your followers letting them know you are broadcasting. This feature is your admin.
  • Don’t be shy about setting a tip goal.

Top models make $200-500 per hour. All body types accepted.
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