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Some of these shows are pretty intense. Like the time I watched the kinky lesbian physiologist.

“Why do you think you’re a lesbian, Becca?”
Becca smiled uncomfortably on the couch.
Dr. Butch waited calmly for Becca’s answer. She had to know if Becca was
experiencing true lesbian impulses or just natural teenage curiosity
about girl on girl sex. She knew that many teenagers, boys mostly, would hump a pillow if they thought it would get them to cum.

This crazy Live lesbian sex show continues!

“Take your clothes off.”
“I thought you’d never ask.” Dr. Butch quickly unbuttoned her cuffs, and more
slowly opened her blouse, slipping each button free as she pulled her
blouse out of her skirt. Then she unbuttoned her skirt and let it fall to
the ground. Leaning back on the Doctor’s desk, she peeled off her panty
hose and underwear and then sat on the edge of the Doctor’s desk, her legs
slightly apart.
Becca couldn’t believe this was happening. Dr. Butch’s dark hair between her
legs already appeared damp, but her attention was drawn to Dr. Butch’s hands,
sliding over the very inadequate bra she wore. Becca felt weak and melted
when Dr. Butch pulled her blouse all the way open and she could see Dr. Butch’s
nipples hardening.
Dr. Butch smiled at the cam and reached behind her back and unhooked her bra. Slowly she pulled it
away and her tits fell below it. She knew she looked sexy like this,
and she saw Becca quickly lick her lips. “Would you like to suck them?”
Dr. Butch pinched her own nipples slightly.
Becca didn’t need another invitation. She leaned toward Dr. Butch, and Dr. Butch
came to her. Becca raised her lips and then opened her mouth to take a
beautiful, hard nipple between her teeth. I think they both enjoyed performing this live lesbian sex show.

“Yes,” Dr. Butch murmured. “Bite it a little, but not too hard.”
Becca nipped at the erotic flesh and then sucked more of Dr. Butch’s breast
into her mouth. Her mouth loved the texture of Dr. Butch’s tits.
“That’s right,” Dr. Butch purred. “Suck them both.”
Becca gave increasingly frantic attention to first one
then the other of Dr. Butch’s tits. Dr. Butch was going to be a good teacher.
By the time the session was over, Becca would know just how good it could
be with a woman.
Becca sucked Dr. Butch’s tits for a long time. While she sucked them, she
unbuttoned her own shirt, and slipped out of it, then her bra. When Dr. Butch
finally leaned away, Becca was naked from the waist up. Dr. Butch’s nipples
were red-hard.
Becca stood up and started to remove her skirt, but Dr. Butch’s hands on
her tits stopped her. I could not believe I was watching this hot girl on girl cam show.

I went to watch another lesbian sex show but I returned minute later the free cam show went private 🙁