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Cam Girl. Stripper. Student.


Lola, a 23 yr sophomore and Salem, Mass native started using Periscope just five months ago. Through Periscope, a live streaming video platform, she’s amassed a loyal following as a webcam model. “Camming” refers to those who perform erotic acts on live streams in exchange for money or tokens of appreciation . In Lola’s case, she doesn’t use sextoys or do too many sexual tricks; she just strips down nude and has a live chat with viewers. Though she enjoys the work, the main motivation is money. Lola initially didn’t make money through video camming, but along with her new job as a stripper in a club Brooklyn, she is able to pay for her entire school tuition and living expenses without support from her  mom and dad.


“I like video camming because I can literally do it from anywhere, and I’m not having to dance [in a club] seven times for a couple dollars,” Lola said. “And I’m alone, it’s not like a full club of other girls too. I wouldn’t call stripping competitive, but it’s way easier for me to make more money.”

It’s clear: Lola calls all the shots. On Periscope, she can block trolls instantly, set prices for her private streams and go live whenever she pleases. All of her private streams are 15 minutes: $10 for a private group, $30 for a topless one-on-one and $50 for a full nude one-on-one.  Cont.. Lola Sexworker

LFF 2018: Cam Review

it is the bubblegum pink and warm purple aesthetic of Cam (2018) that immediately captures our attention, this infectious place drawing us in with its grand décor, plush furnishings and moody lighting. The only object that seems to be out of place is the giant screen keeping a watchful eye over everything. Welcome to Lola’s world: a place where tokens can buy anything your heart desires, whether that be a one-on-one chat with her, or something a lot more sordid. Yet working as an online webcam girl with a prestigious channel, Lola (Madeline Brewer) knows what to expect. Her clients pay and she does what they say, the more outrageous videos on her stream starting to bring in an increasing amount of viewers. But as her fanbase slowly grows, there seems to be someone else who also wants to cash in on her popularity. More on Cam


Book Review: Anything But A Wasted Life is more than just a stripper’s memoir

This book by Sita Kaylin is an unapologetic autobiography of a fierce woman, who happens to be an exotic dancer. It shows just how relatable the desires, dreams, and fears of sex workers are.

It’s not very often that you come across a book by an unknown author in a genre you aren’t really fond of. This forces you to abandon your prejudices. Anything But A Wasted is that type of a book for this reviewer. An autobiography of a former stripper — who moonlights as a sex worker — isn’t something I would expect to be genuinely witty, funny, and a fascinating read. What’s even more surprising is the matter-of-fact tone in which the author talks about her life, treating it all like a thrilling adventure.

A pre-law graduate, Sita Kaylin was born in San Francisco and raised by a single parent in a hippie commune. Working three jobs to pay for her education, she chanced upon a job as an exotic dancer, and fell in love with the freedom it gave her. Out the window went her dreams of law school and reforming the prison system as she embraced a stripper’s outrageous life.


A strippers Fight

  Sin strip club stripper from Fife says dancing at Kirkcaldy club is empowering and not exploitative as she reveals she’ll use cash to pay off student loans Abbi Gallagher, 19, successfully auditioned for Fife’s only lap dancing bar to help her pay off her student debts   Protesters have been trying to get Sin banned – branding it “slave labour” and claiming it is exploitative. Abbi, from nearby Auchtertool, was part of a group who counter-protested and she says women should be able to make the choice for themselves. The teen, who has an HNC in animal care and now works with animals, wants to be able to earn extra cash to pay off her loan and get her own place. [Follow Abbi’s Story]

San Diego settles two stripper lawsuits against police for nearly $1.5M


According to the complaint, the officers showed up in bulletproof vests and ordered the scantily-clad dancers into a dressing room. The officers then checked the women’s city-issued adult entertainer permits and asked about and photographed their tattoos and piercings.

Some of the officers “made arrogant and demeaning comments to the entertainers and ordered them to expose body parts so that they could ostensibly photograph their tattoos,” the complaint read.

The dancers said the process lasted more than an hour and that they were threatened with arrest when they asked to leave. 


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