Sex Toy News Oct 2018

Sex Toy News Oct 2018

Pleasure Goes Hi-tech

pleasure device is powered by artificial intelligence, so it can help you tackle your loneliness while you are getting in the mood for some fun. Plus, if you are in a long-distance relationship, then this vibrator will help you tackle the distance as a barrier. It can send naughty messages and vibrations through an app! It is a rather expensive sex toy developed by a company called Vibease. In its shape like a lipstick and it can converse in a British accent What?

How to Buy A Sex Toy

One certified sex counsellor likened sex toys to dessert. You go to the restaurant and there are lots of tasty varieties to try. You don’t need to have one, but it is fun to do so. Sex toys are similar. You don’t have to have them, but they are fun and can make for a great experience.

There are generally six types of sex toys – vibrators, dildos, nipple toys, exercises, penis rings and masturbation toys. The first step is to decide what type of toy you are looking for and this is a good thing to do on a website where there’s lots of information about what each product is – and what it does. [read ]

Watch Live Sex Shows With Girls Using Sex Toys
** Warning** Some Are Huge Hole Wreckers

Dame Adult Products


Dame Products’ newest flexible vibrator Pom was so comfortable in my hand, that I didn’t want to put it down. Not just because it was so cozy there, but because it made my vulva and clitoris very, very happy campers. It offers the most intense of vibration choices, and I’m all about intense. But for those who aren’t, you still have four other intensities to pick from. Pom not only brings us even one step closer to closing the pleasure gap, but it highlights the importance of sexual wellness, too. [continue]


Rock and metal star as well as the APMAs 2016 Icon Award recipient Marilyn Manson released a particularly interesting merch item on his website: a dildo. This is not just any toy: This 8 inch-tall, 1.5 inch-diameter toy is inscribed with the singer’s name and detailed with his face.

The “Double Cross Dildo + Bag” merch item is made safe for all users with its silicone, hypoallergenic makeup. Additionally, the paint used to create Manson’s face on the toy is environmentally-friendly and may wear off with frequent use. [ Read more – no thanks]

I Tried to Replace Men with ‘Clit Sucking’ Sex Toys

They ended up being kinda painful, and one of them made me pee.

These toys claim to utilize suction in a variety of ways to mimic the sensations a clitoris would feel during oral sex.

I’ve been calling these type of toys “clit suckers”, but I don’t know whether any of them are actually doing any sucking. I’m not totally sure how they work, their manufacturers use lots of terms like “sonic waves” and “air technology” and “pulsations.” They feel like they’re providing the sensation of sucking without actually doing any sucking, if that makes sense? Read full story