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Cam Girl Tips - Become a Top Earner

hey guys and girls i wanted to help you learn how to be a cam model with these cam girl tips so personally i prefer the website Chaturbate i think it’s a lot easier for people who are just getting started because when you go on a website like myfreecams you only see the first girls right number one through.

those are the highest earning girls on the website but if you go on Chaturbate girls like me will still be on the front page even though i’m definitely not like the highest earner but it still goes by like popular rooms and it just gives you a little more of an advantage also when you’re new on Chaturbate you’re instantly promoted more there will be a little new tag right here it’ll say new on your profile so that kind of gives guys incentive to go into your room and chat with you and stuff like that and basically get you hooked on being a cam girl because that’s what happened to me my first night

um i had a terrible quality setup okay i had my macbook air that my fucking dad bought me he did not know that i was gonna use it for that okay i had no microphone no sex toys nothing but the built-in webcam and stuff into my laptop and let me just say i made in the first hours that i was a camp model i made and naturally i blew it all but that’s okay i went to Colorado with it um and it was super liberating like being a cam girl is one of those things that is anxiety inducing you worry about things like oh my god are my my high school peers going to find out are my parents going to find out and the fact of the matter is yes they will eventually i mean a person like me i have very distinguishable looks and tattoos and stuff.

The a big thing with being a nude model or a porn star whatever your your dream is to be is that people will always find out but if you make sure that everything you put out is high quality content and you know you’re not embarrassed of it who cares if the kids from high school like saw you naked it’s a good picture who cares if your cousin told everyone in your family that you know you’re selling nudes like you’re making money you know just put everybody else’s negative opinion to the side

The day i turned i went to the dmv i got my id and i went home and as soon as i got home i took a picture of my id got age verified on Chaturbate and i started camming step one before you even try applying to Chaturbate  you’re gonna want to do these things get yourself a computer get yourself a webcam get yourself a microphone a ring light and sex toys these are all things that i was missing from my first show and my quality sucked for a long time because i figured this out on my own

Important cam girl tip using toys in your shows.

I started camping with zero sex toys guys were coming into my room they’re like you got toys baby and i’m like uh i turned like yesterday so i actually got my very first job by going to get my first dildo so what happened was of course i needed toys i walked to the sex shop down the street from me at the time and the manager of the sex shop liked my look so much that she interviewed me on the spot and actually gave me a job.

I’ve literally got whips and ball gags and all sorts of really fun stuff but the important part is having toys that you like that you’ll enjoy using because part of  live streaming is you want to be into it you don’t want to be sitting there on your phone okay you need to be like talking even if it feels like it’s talking to yourself because half the time it kind of does feel like i’m talking to myself but sooner or later people will hear what you’re saying and they’ll chime in and it’ll keep it really entertaining if you want to make money as a model on there.

Tip: A New Cam Girl Must Stay Positive!

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You have to fill out the model verification form which you will see when you click broadcast yourself on the right side of your webcam it’ll say age verification and model form this is all the stuff for your payment your taxes a picture of your id all the really crucial information that you need to actually make money and then you’re ready to go.

So, you’re sitting there your cam is on you’re having people tip but you don’t really know what to do this is where the apps and bots apps and bots part of chaturbate comes into play so underneath where if you click broadcast yourself you’ll see you’re here in this box right directly underneath is where you’ll see apps and bots.

if you click that there’ll be tons and tons of overwhelming options of games technically called bots i call them games that you can pick from a couple staples are crazy goal you can find these by searching in the search bar crazy goal roll the dice rotating notifier in single line tip menu single line tip menu is where you’re going to put obviously all the things people can tip you for i have rotating notifier to tell people follow me here this is my instagram buy my snapchat stuff like that thanks for watching anything you want roll the dice is a really fun app because you can just say you know tip tokens and roll the dice and you can have really fun prizes.

and that kind of gives members some like a fun little element of surprise when they’re playing with you and supporting you and of course crazy goal is what i use a lot so i will say something along the lines of uh ride my toy at every goal tokens is the goal so that way like you know if you put a goal for tokens everyone wants to make tokens in a day but if you put that as your goal it intimidates users and they’ll think oh fuck that’s a really high goal i’m not sure if i can really get her to that so if you keep a reasonable goal and plan to hit that goal multiple times that’s the best way to make money on there so you’ve got your setup you’ve got yourself verified.

You got your games all running now comes the most important part you may have seen the tiny little pink things sticking out of everybody’s crotch online well that is a tip controlled vibrator by a brand called love ants and personally i don’t like the pink one that everybody has i think because it goes inside that it doesn’t connect well but i recently invested in the dami it’s called it’s a tip control hitachi by the same brand it’s fucking amazing let me tell you if you’re a vibrator person like me you will have your mind blown away let me show you this so of course it’s my favorite color black nice and sleek this part is waterproof if you’re a squirter and the coolest part is it actually lights up so you know that it’s working.

If you’re a cam girl and you’re using this and i tip you i can see that it’s lighting up so i know you’re not faking it i know it’s actually working and these are fucking amazing amazing incentive for people to tip i would recommend getting one of these and learning how to set it up before you even start camping because you might feel a little awkward at first you might feel a little out of your element but something like a tip controlled vibrator takes away all the negative space in your cam show.

It just goes straight to that there’s no awkwardness or in between you just get to sit there with your toy dance around and you know entertain yourself the best way you can i hope this helped you guys um if you have any comments or any questions please let me know .

More Cam Girl tips coming soon. That’s all for now! Enjoy.